Bigpond Email Receive issue

We do know how reliable is the Bigpond email service, users have never found it hard to use the email software. It is not a hard process to build one but other emailing services don’t quite look at such factors. Well, one of the most required features in the emailing software is the best user interface. One thing is for sure, even though how best the software has been developed, there are times when things go wrong. It does not mean that the entire system will fail but some minor issues are experienced by users. These issues are caused due to technical errors. Bigpond does offer users services such as Bigpond Customer Support where all necessary information can be gathered.

The issues which we mentioned can be of various type, for example after the new update some of the users faced issues with receiving emails. Users were able to create email and send to other users but couldn’t receive any of the mail. To learn about the issue/ Technical difficulty. Let’s get into learning the ways why the following problem has occurred and also learn the ways to fix them.

  • Users should check on their internet connectivity. If the internet is not working or has a limited connected then the mails service will not be able to receive any emails.
  • When a user is trying to access the account, the user email and the password must be entered correctly.Only if the login credentials match the email service will operate. In case of user have forgotten their password and requires support then, reset your password connecting with the Bigpond Support Service.
  • If users are operating their Bigpond mail through a mobile device then go to settings and make sure all the settings up to date. Users must keep in mind that email settings do varies for every other device used.
  • For Telstra users, they must configure their mobile devices by searching the name of their device or with the model number and then select on the messaging and email, they head for setup for Telstra in options.

A situation where the issue is related to Microsoft Outlook

  • Users who have just started with the mail service for Outlook, head to the toolbar option, look for settings, and click on it. From options, users can view all settings made for Outlook.
  • To check on all of the connected accounts, the user will have to click on synchronize email set in order,
  • Also, check for all the connected accounts which are not currently active and solve the issue.

The given points are the possible solutions for Bigpond mail users, who are having a hard time receiving the email. After following the given instruction, the Bigpond mail service will start receiving emails. For users who require further assistance can contact Bigpond Technical Support.

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