Bigpond Emails Sending Error due to security Certificates Missing in Outlook

Looking back the main mode for communicating with other people was done through sending letters. Later the process evolved in using email services to communicate with other users. Everyone was dependent on using the email service then, with the help of its simple and effective system users can communicate instantly around the globe. Over the years email has evolved in many different ways, there has been many changes and addition to the software. And from the development made so far, Bigpond is an email client software that has brought many new features into email service. Bigpond is a term that is governed by the Telstra company which is the leading telecommunication located in Australia. Being a telecommunication company, the email software has been developed in a very sophisticated manner. Users can check on the email site visiting where all necessary information is provided to the user. And if the user requires detailed information on Bigpond then connect with our Customer Care Service.

After getting started with the Bigpond email service users will see that there are many features available on Bigpond. Firstly user will not have the idea that the given layout is a feature. And it is very necessary for users to understand the user interface of Bigpond email. The best part is that Bigpond email has an easy to understanding user interface where users can check on the details by hovering into the feature. It will define what it is and what it will do if clicked on it. One of the interesting features which Bigpond provides us is the connection of multiple email accounts. We can check on the earlier versions that such features were just an idea where users would wish if such a feature would come into existence. Now that that dream has come true, users will be able to connect their email account to Bigpond email. There is a certain process that users will have to follow to make changes, if users are interested then connect with Support Service where all necessary information will be provided to the user.

Using email service is very exciting but in that process, there are situations where the user may find cases where the system is not working correctly. Bigpond email is a genuine email client software, and there are some cases where users experience issues, these are not major issues caused by the developer end but the issue is caused due to changes made in users’ accounts. Take for example;Bigpond is throwing an error due to a missing security certificate. In such a case we suggest users make changes in the settings.

  • Set Account type to IMAP, then Incoming IMAP server to
  • Incoming IMAP mail to port 993 and Outgoing SMTP server to
  • The next user will have to set the Outgoing SMTP port to 587 with TLS.
  • Then comes the Incoming uses SSL, which should be turned on.
  • Then comes the Outgoing uses SSL which is also required to be turned on.

For more on Bigpond mail connect with Bigpond Technical Support.

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