Why can’t I send or receive emails on Telstra Mail®?

Telstra mail which is also known as the Bigpond mail is a service that is operated from Australia and provides excellent electronic mail service. Telstra is a telecommunication company thathas many services for users and among them, Bigpond is an email service operated by Telstra. Being a telecommunication company it has been able to produce softwarethat has all necessary features and functionality embedded in it. Once user gets started with the service, they will be able to find the difference which cannot be found in other email client software. We all know these days almost everything is operated through email and using a genuine source is very important.So why not get started with Telstra mail, if users require any sort of information about Telstra then kindly contact Customer Care Service.

Discussing more on Telstra email, let us move into learning various services provided to us by Telstra mail. There are many numbers of services offered by the software but we will be discussing some of the features, as it would not be possible to describe each feature in a single article. Once the user has created an account on Telstra mail, cloud storage is the new thing thatthe user will experience.  Cloud storage is storage where user can store their important files and can be accessed from anywhere but the user must have access to the internet and a computer device.There will be a certain space allocated for every account created on Telstra mail. From the cloud storage, users can manage their files more conveniently, there isa system where the files can be shared with other users, users will not have to worry about the virus in cloud storage and its security rather than saving it on the hard disk which could get damaged. Learn more about Telstra from Support Service.

After discussing a feature provided by Telstra, now let’s move ahead in learning about some of the problems which we face while operating Telstra mail. There was a case where users were not able to send or receive emails from their accounts. Due to this reason users were not able to do anything from their accounts. Other users have also mentioned the same case where the email was not working. These sorts of cases are normal and are often occurred if there are any changes made on the account. In the following case, we would like to provide the user with various solutions to solve the issue. Kindly follow the instructions given below.

  • First, check your router if the internet is working or not? Internet must be connected.
  • If any changes have been made on server settings then the user will have to restore the settings to solve the issue.
  • Entering the wrong email address can also lead to such a situation. Check the alphabets for upper/lowercase.

For more on Telstra mail kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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