Important Steps Need to Reset Bigpond Webmail Password

If we look at various email client services, one of the most rapidly growing email services is Telstra mail.Telstra/Bigpond mail is a company which is situated in Australia providing users with the best telecommunication services.Users can check on the quality of the services provided by Bigpond mail. There will be very few email client services that will provide the best user experience, top secure applications, etc. Users might be confused about the names referred to as Telstra and Bigpond, well Telstra is a company that initiated the idea of providing email services are named Bigpond. If users are interested in learning how to get started with Telstra mail, kindly connect with Customer Care.

 Now a day’s email service has also been updated. In the previous versions of Bigpond mail, users would have the ability to just send emails from their account. But in the latest version features such as attaching files, images, videos have also been included in Bigpond mail. Users have the option for arranging calendars, adding notes creating folders to manage emails. Creating a folder has been a lifesaving feature for users. There are hundreds of mail stored in the user’s Inbox. Managing the email in the same spot could be very challenging and time-consuming. With the folder system, users can easily manage their email. Learn all the ways how to utilize Bigpond mail services from our Support Center.

Heading to the next topic, we will be discussing passwords. Password is a very crucial part of the user’s account. It is a key that should be kept safe otherwise if the key is used by unknown users then the account could be hacked/compromised. In such a case Bigpond will not be able to do anything. Well, users can get back their account but the damage cannot be undone. It is very necessary for users to change their password in a regular time period. Check out the steps below to reset the Bigpond email password.

  • Open your browser and load the official website for Telstra mail.
  • Then head to the Login section.
  • On the login page, the user will have to click on a link that says, Forgot your password.
  • After clicking the link, an empty field will be displayed. Enter email address/username
  • A code will be sent to the user’s secondary mail or phone. Enter the code to get the password reset link. Make sure to enter the correct confirmation code, the link will not work.
  • Once the code is successfully verified the link will be sent. Click on the link and create a new password for Bigpond mail.

With these easy steps, users will be able to reset their password Telstra mail. If there are any other questions related to Bigpond mail, don’t forget to give us a ring at Bigpond Customer Support Number.

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