How to recover deleted folders in the Bigpond email account?

Email service is something that needs to be experienced first to know what level of benefit can be taken from it, most people think that email service is just some simple service that is used to send messages like sending letters. Well if users get to know the importance of transferring messages from one place to another instantly then the importance of email service will be clear to the user. That user who knows the true value of email client will be provided with maximum genuine knowledge about the email service. To start off the basic thing which we will be required is an email client. Until and unless users don’t find out a reasonable email client, to begin with, it is not safe for users to access any available email service. Well in that case we will not let our users wait any longer and provide the best and leading email service software called Bigpond email service. Kindly don’t get confused if the user sees the term Bigpond and Telstra, both terms represent a common service. Learn more on Bigpond email with the help of Bigpond Customer Support Service.

As we were discussing the email client and the terms used in it, Bigpond is or will be the previous email service name which in the future will be named Telstra Mail. The email service which is provided by Bigpond is handled by Telstra telecommunication service, and the company has decided to replace the email service name with Telstra mail. There will be no problem for older Bigpond email users’ accounts as at the time of updating the email name user will be provided with necessary information about the change. All of the services and features will be changed as only the email name will be changed. The same feature is also provided to users on their email client, the username of the email account can be changed according to users’ will, not just the username or email address but the password can also be easily changed. To learn how to easily change their password on Bigpond email connect with Support Service Number.

Now it is time to check on some request which is sent by the email client user. The following user has requested to learn the process of how to retrieve deleted folders in Bigpond email. Check the given points.

  • Login into your account and head to the Inbox section.
  • In the inbox, section user will have to open the Bin folder.
  • Users will have to check on the emails stored in the deleted folder.
  • Restore the emails and the user will have to create a new folder and save it.

If there are other questions about the Bigpond email service then don’t hesitate to give us a ring at Bigpond Customer Care.

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