How to Update Bigpond Pop Settings in Mail Washer Pro

Bigpond email is one best choices for users, it is an email client which has all the necessary email features available. If the user is trying to send an email, there are several useful features added to the composing email, and also if the user needs to save those emails, a separate folder can be created in the Bigpond email. It is an email client which is made flexible for users, there will be no such case where the user will have any complaint against the email client. As mentioned about the features on composing an email, the user also has other useful features added with it. Users can easily check the grammar of the entered email. It is also very necessary that the written mail is valid and accurate for which Bigpond email has allowed such third-party apps to correct the grammar. If a user wants to learn how to use these features in detail then kindly connect with Technical Support Service to collect additional information.

Bigpond email is a very powerful email client service that is capable of doing other things too on the email client. User can connect their Bigpond email account to other email clients and access both emails from a common point. With the following feature, there will be no need for users to access multiple platforms to access the service, and the user will be able to save loads of time too. These services were not available on the earlier version of the email service, and also if there were any such feature then the user would have to do a very long process to make the connection, but with Bigpond email user will not have to make any such complex changes. For further information about Bigpond’s email kindly connect with the Support Service Number.

In the following section, we will be looking at the process of updating the POP server setting in Washer Pro mail. Users will have to make the following changes on their server. Follow along with the steps given below.

  • Head to the user’s email settings and on the IMAP incoming mail server user will have to add
  • Then comes the part where the user will have to add a port number.
  • The first user will have to add 110, required with SSL.
  • The next port is 995, non-secure.

After adding the details user’s server will be updated. If there is any problem following the steps then connect with the Bigpond Customer Helpline Number.

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