How to Update Bigpond IMAP Settings in Thunderbird?

Bigpond email service has been providing the best communication service for many years and over the year user have thoroughly enjoyed the service offered by the email client. In spite of there being several other email clients, Bigpond is the best for users. When we check on other email client services there is always something that we will find missing or not working. But with the Bigpond email service, the user will never have to face such a thing, and also to access Bigpond email, is very simple. Bigpond understands how computers could be confusing for users who are accessing for the first time, it has taken good care of users’ requirements due to which the email client has successfully been able to collect users from around the world. If users have any questions about Bigpond email then kindly reach out to Customer Care Number.

Bigpond is not just some ordinary email client service provider, well it is a very powerful software that can be easily used for business or corporate level. There will not be any necessity for an advanced feature for personal use as email can be easily accessed from the personals account. But for business-level use, Bigpond offers users additional server settings. If users are not aware of such servers on the email client, well it is a service that will allow users to access the received or saved email wherever the device is, and when user access the email through the IMAP server the email will also be downloaded and will store on the particular device. As a result, due to the following feature user will be able to check their email on various connected devices on the server, sitting anywhere in the world with the internet connected to the device. If a user wants to learn more about such a feature then connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.

Now we will be checking the process of how to update Bigpond IMAP settings in Thunderbird. Users can follow the given steps.

IMAP Settings

  • For the email settings, the user can update the IMAP Incoming mail server to where the port can be updated to 993, where SSL will be required.
  • It should be set to non-secure and also the port should be changed to 143.
  • With that user can easily update the IMAP settings on Bigpond email.

If the user has any other questions about Bigpond email or with IMAP settings on the user’s account then kindly reach out to the Bigpond Customer Support Service Number.

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