How to Set up a Pin in the Bigpond Account?

It has been lots of years since the email service was brought to the web, and has successfully able to allow the user to communicate better on the web. Also with time, there have been loads of email services made available on the web. If users are looking for a genuine and best email client service then we would like to suggest Bigpond email to users. It is the email client which will provide the latest and most needy features for users. Bigpond is a service which is provided by Telstra, it is a company that also provides the best telecommunication service for users. If the user wants to know about what other services are provided by Telstra then kindly head to the official site of Telstra. And if the user has any questions about the email client then the user can connect with Support Service Number.

An email account is something that we should always keep secure. And Bigpond email is very well aware of such a thing and has brought numerous security features for users. The first one which all users may know is the password which is saved at the time of creating an account. That much is not enough, there are plenty of ways for hackers to get access to such accounts. Bigpond has brought in a two-factor authentication feature for the user where the user can secure the account in a much better way. Unless and until the user access the account from both the connected device, the user will not be able to sign in to their account. With the following feature, there is complete security over the user’s account. For more on Bigpond email kindly connect with Technical Support Service.

After that, there was a new feature added which is to add a pin instead of saving the password. When saving the password, we need to think of the upper case, lower case, and symbols. But with pin users can simply use some digit codes to access their accounts. To set up, the pin user will have to login into their email account. After opening the account user will have to click on the Profile option right under My account. There on the Profile page user will be able to see the Set Up PIN button. Click on it and the user will be able to create a 4-digit PIN of your choice. The user will have to re-enter the pin to confirm the added PIN. Once the user setup the pin, every time you log in the pin should be entered. If there are any other questions for the Bigpond email, then kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care Number.  

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