How to Add a Signature in the Bigpond Mail Account?

When we are choosing an email client service, the user should be careful about the overall performance and working of the communication software. If we are careless about doing so then all of the data which is stored in the user’s account might get stolen or deleted. If users don’t want such a thing to happen to their account then choose the Bigpond email service. With Bigpond, email users will not have to worry about any such thing, with its latest and best security feature users can easily make their accounts secure. A newly added feature which is named two-factor authentication is a security system in which there is no chance for hackers to access users’ accounts by force. If only the user has verified through multiple connected devices, the email account will be opened. To learn about Bigpond’s email in detail kindly contact Technical Support Service.

Now let’s check on some other features which are provided by Bigpond email to users. Once a user creates an account on Bigpond email, the system will provide with online storage facility for users. The storage space is quite huge and provided to every user, and can also be extended if required with further pay. The next feature is users are able to use Bigpond email on a mobile device. A web interface is provided to the user and also user can access the account by setting up the account. Next is the Spam filter, we all get all those unnecessary emails that fill up our accounts. All of the unwanted emails are filtered and saved to a separate folder. Users can access multiple email addresses up to 15. There are other such features for users, to learn about them kindly contact to Support Service Number.

Here we will be providing the user with instructions on how to add a signature in the Bigpond email account. Bigpond email can be used for personal use or professional use. So adding a signature is a great way of displaying professional nature.

  • Login into the user’s Bigpond email account.
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu then head to the writing email tab.
  • Their user will be able to see the Signature section.
  • In the Signature text box type in the sign which user wants to add to the composed email.
  • After completing the process click on Save settings.

By applying the given points user will be able to add in signature to the composed email. If the user wants to learn other such features on Bigpond email then kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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