How to Reset my Telstra Email (

Bigpond email is considered one of the most rapidly growing Telecommunication based companies based in Australia. The company provides email services as well as other services like Broadband networks for residential and commercial purposes. IMAP accessing services that help users to use email services on their mobile phones as well as computers. The services provided by the company are very efficient and reliable that almost every users are satisfied with the services. The security wall of Telstra is so strong that no one can breach it, even hackers are unable to penetrate through the security system. So, the information of customers is kept 100% safe and secure. The Telstra Company initiated Bigpond mail in order to provide better email experiences to internet users. As the services provided by the company are so reliable and trustworthy, that there are no any major issues reported till now. But sometimes, some minor issues are raised by the users due to some mistakes or accidents causing them to face the issues while using the Bigpond mail.

As there are some minor issues reported, one of the most reported ones should be about resetting the password. As some of the users are new to Bigpond email and are not familiar with the functions properly, they might face this type of issue.

We will be discussing the steps involved in resetting the password. First of all, you need to open your computer and open your preferred web browser and search for Bigpond mail or Telstra mail, or just enter the URL of Telstra mail. Now on the homepage of Bigpond mail, click on the login button, which will redirect you to the login page. Here you can see the boxes for login credentials, below those boxes, click on the reset password option which will redirect you again to the next page. Here on this page, enter your email address of Bigpond mail and provide your date of birth (DOB must match with the date you have given while registering for the account). After providing the required information click on the next button to continue the process. Now you will have to provide a temporary password whenever it is required. After that, you are now able to get access to your account, where you can easily reset the password. Here, click on the mailing account option and then click on the change password option. Now in this field, enter your new password and click on the change password option to change the password. Save your new password for future use.

These are the steps involved in resetting the password of the Telstra email ( If there is any confusion or queries related to the issue then kindly contact the Telstra Customer support center.

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