How to link the Telstra account number with the Bigpond email

For users who are looking for an email client which has all the necessary features and functionalities, Bigpond email is the best email software for users. There sure are many other options available for users but not all of those email clients have reliable services such as Bigpond email. From connecting other email client services to customizing users’ profiles there are all email features made available on Bigpond email. It is a service which is provided by Telstra company which is situated in Australia. Users will also be able to access another genuine telecommunication service, and head to the official site to check on those services. Well for Bigpond email users can head to the same site and click on the Sign in link on the right side of the page and from the drop-down menu click on Telstra mail. Don’t get confused by the email name as Bigpond and Telstra emails are the same. In the previous version of the email service, it was called Bigpond name as of now the email service has updated its name to Telstra mail. If the user has any questions about Bigpond email then kindly connect with us at the Support Service Number.

After creating an account users will be able to sign in to their email account. Email credentials are necessary to login into your account which are email address/username and password. User can share their email address for connecting with other users but the password should never be shared with anyone. It is one security key that allows for keeping the account safe. Also while saving password user is suggested to create a strong and unique password so that the security of the account is strong. Bigpond also comes with an additional security feature for the user where two-factor authentication can be enabled. If the user enables the feature then only by signing in through two different devices Bigpond account can be assessed. The process for enabling the feature is quite easy, it is not sure how to do so then kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support Service.

As we mentioned Bigpond is a powerful email client where there are multiply advanced included in it. For user’s account safety it is always recommended to connect their account number to the email account so that whenever any change is required, only the admin will be able to make changes to their account. The following changes are also suggested at the time of creating an account but most of the users do skip the part, well not to worry as the user will still be able to make changes to their account after the ID is created. Due to this reason, most of the users do prefer to access the Bigpond email service due to its flexible nature. Learn more on Bigpond email from Bigpond Customer Service Number.

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