Bigpond Email .net. au unable to configure in IMAP server in outlook

Email service can be one of the best web services to extend users’ business, user will be able to easily promote their product through the service, and communicate with genuine clients as email is a service that is preferred to be the best and most accessed medium to make the connection. All of the standard work is handled via email service, genuine user doesn’t prefer to use other social media which are full of scam and fraud users. And to get the best out of email service, the best choice is to go with Bigpond email service. It is a service whose main motto is to provide with best and most genuine communication service to the user. It has a feature where the user will not have to be worried about spam content, Bigpond will detect any such event and store such email in a separate folder. By the following users will be able to necessary and important emails stored in their Inbox folder. To help out users, Bigpond has brought in Technical Support Service for users where users can keep any question related to the email service and the expert will provide all necessary details.

In the following section, we will be talking about the feature which we can access after creating an account on Bigpond email. The user may be wondering where will all of the emails will be stored once received on the account. Well, Bigpond provides with online storage facility for users where user can save their emails and also with other necessary information. The data which will be stored will also be checked for any vulnerabilities, so the user will not have to worry about the security of the data saved. Then the user can share, forward, and also download the content which is saved on the online storage. And also if the user requires additional storage for their email account then storage can be purchased and the user can extend the capacity of their online storage. Learn more on Bigpond email with the help of Customer Support Service.

Continuing to provide other services on Bigpond email, there was an issue with the email client when the user was trying to configure the IMAP server on Outlook. It is completely fine if another user has also faced the same problem. Mostly such an issue is caused because of the user not setting up the server correctly. We will provide you with the correct steps to make a successful configuration on Outlook mail.

  • The server name should be set to
  • IMAP port number should be set to 993.
  • IMAP security should be configured as SSL
  • Then the user will have to enter their full IMAP username and password.

After following the process user will be able to configure the IMAP server in Outlook. If the user is still confused about the process, then kindly reach out to Bigpond Helpline Number.

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