How to Increase Space Storage in Bigpond Email

The term Bigpond is a service that is available to be accessed on the internet by which we can deliver the necessary message in only a matter of seconds. Bigpond is actually a service that is processed by Telstra company. It is a telecommunication company which comes in with broadband internet services, best NBN plans, 5G services, TV and Mobile phone services. It is the best place to acquire necessary services all under one roof. And to manage the accounts which are accessed on Telstra email service has also been added. Users can access email services to monitor their purchased services and also Bigpond email can be used for sending emails. Not just that but the email service is yet very powerful that even users can access it for running a business or company. There are different services and features such as accessing SMTP, and POP server setup for users. To learn more about the Bigpond email service kindly connect with Bigpond Support Service Number.

When we are accessing email service there are several things that should be kept while using the service. Well, one of the most common things about the email service is that whenever a user creates an email or receives it on the account, there is a certain space which is occupied by the email client to execute the process. And after every use of the service the data is collected on the following account, the user will be provided with limited space to store the email and other necessary data. Users must be aware of the space which is available on the account. Also, users can delete unnecessary files which will provide extra space on the account. But the following condition could only be accessed for some period of time, eventually, the email account will be at its full capacity. In such a situation users will have to arrange additional space on their account to store the data. If the user is not aware of such a situation on the email client then kindly connect with Bigpond Helpline Number, to learn about the storage facility in detail.

After the storage has reached its limit user either have the option to delete the emails and make space on the account or increase the storage space on their Bigpond email account. Yes, it is possible to extend the capacity of the storage where the user will have to purchase the storage limit. In the points given below, we have mentioned the process for extending the email accounts mailbox quota.

  • The first user will have to Sign up/ Login into their account.
  • From the drop down menu, the user will have to click on Hosting Manager.
  • Provide with username and password and click on Login
  • There in the Homepage menu user will have to click on the Email or “v” arrow symbol which is situated on the right side.
  • Then click on the Accounts icon which will be found near the Forwarders icon.
  • In the Email accounts section after scrolling, the user will have to find the email account which is required to be increased in storage limit.
  • Under actions, click change Quota, and after making changes user will have to save changes

To learn more about Bigpond email service users can connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.

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