How to Fix an Unauthenticated Traffic Limit Error in Bigpond?

When users encounter the “unauthenticated traffic limit error” while using the Bigpond email, it may be a problem with the security configuration and authentication process. So be calm and act according to the described pattern here:

  • Ensure That You Have Used the Right Email ID, Username, and Password: It is necessary to confirm that the email ID, password, and username you are using are absolutely accurate. Often, incorrect login credentials can create problems. Please update the client email configuration when you have modified the password. 
  • Activate Two-Factor Authentication: An unauthenticated traffic limit error occurs when often you have not activated the Two-Factor Authentication. It is the precise way to provide an extra shield of security to your email account. 
  • Look after the Status of the Account: it is mandatory to inspect the Bigpond account status. Ensure that the Bigpond account is active or not banned. Bigpond service frequently gives users limited time to authenticate and connect with Bigpond customer support for resolution. 
  • Find out if There is Any Service Outage Problem: Email user must pay attention to the possibility of service outage in their area. The service outage can influence the unverified traffic limit error.
  • Evaluate Error Message: When you get any alert notification of the error message, then you must look at what it contains. The error message can give you a clear picture of why and how it occurs and what the best possible remedy for it can be. 
  • Look for Account Security Configuration: Users need to inspect the account security configuration and ensure that it is not disturbing the connection. This comprises a configuration associated with third-party integration and app authorization. 
  • Inspect Security Configuration: the consumer needs to confirm that the SSL/TLS security encryption they are using is working precisely to eliminate the Unauthenticated Traffic Limit Error in Bigpond. 
  • Reset the password: The user must reset the password to maintain the security layers of the account.
  • Revise Email Client Settings: You need to see if the email client setting is correctly set. The outgoing, incoming port, and encrypted configuration must have accurate settings. 

In case users have applied all these tricks and find that the error is continuing to hinder their Bigpond account, then they need to call the Bigpond Customer Care for help and support. These technicians will give you enough details and assistance on the present condition of their account, which can cause the collapse of the problem and solve it. 

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