After Update Windows Mail App to Outlook 365 Bigpond Asking IMAP Password

Sometimes the users might face issues with Bigpond asking for the imap password after updating the windows mail app to Outlook. To troubleshoot and resolve the issues the users are required to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. The users must make sure that they are using correct password for their Bigpond email account. Always double check the password while entering because passwords are very important and sensitive. Even a single mistake in the password can trigger issues.
  2. While configuring the Outlook 365 email account settings the users must ensure that they are set correctly. The users have to get in touch with Bigpond customer care to know about the incoming and outgoing server settings for Bigpond.
  3. The users must be aware of the security software or firewalls because they may interfere with the email client applications. To resolve the issues the users are required to disable the security software or firewall temporarily and check if the issues exists or not.
  4. Sometimes dues to multiple login attempts the Bigpond email account will be locked. In this case the users have to take help from the Bigpond webmail interface to unlock the account.
  5. The users have to check and confirm their windows mail app and Outlook 365 up to date. Outdated app can results issues while logging in. The users are required to check and install the update if available in the playstore.
  6. The users are required to make sure that the windows mail app or Outlook 365 has the essential permission to access their email account. To ensure that the app has the required permission the users are required to check within the account settings.
  7. To check the problem is within the windows mail app or Outlook 365 the users can access their Bigpond email using a different email client or webmail. This process can help the users to identify the problem is within the application itself.
  8. The users have to ensure that they are using the proper authentication method such as password, OAuth. The users must remember that the Bigpond have specific requirements for authentication.

By these following steps the users are able to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. For more related instructions and guidance please make sure to contact Bigpond Customer care. One of the representatives of Bigpond will assist and resolve the issues based on the users problems. 

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