How to download a BigPond for your mobile devices?

Sydney, Australia-based Telstra Media Company overlooks Bigpond as an email service provider. It is possible to access BigPond’s email services via a web browser, a desktop computer, or a mobile phone. These days, using the webmail interface is unnecessary because IMAP allows access to one’s BigPond account from mobile devices and desktop applications. As a first-time user, please feel free to contact our Support Service so that one of our team members can assist you through the full process of setting up a new account.

Since 2013, Telstra has been in the process of rebranding its services and since then BigPond email is now known as Telstra Mail and there have been many changes and modifications in the mail. Now users can download the My Telstra app from the app store in IOS and from the Google Play Store on Android devices. After downloading the My Telstra App from your phone, wait for it to install and then open it.

There is also another way to access BigPond emails on your mobile device. Simply follow the steps below carefully.

  • Open your device and open the “Settings” icon.
  • Then, scroll down to the “Accounts” column which is visible at the bottom of the settings tab.
  • Open the “Accounts” tab and click on the “Add Account” option.
  • Enter your Telstra mail username and password correctly in the box.
  • Next, tap on the IMAP account and type enter as your server in the box.
  • Then, head over to the security tab where you’ll have to choose the SSL and input the incoming port as 993, and tap “Next.”
  • Enter your login details again to make sure that this is your account and not of others.
  • If you want, look and change settings accordingly to your preferences. Tap on “Next” to complete the process of logging in.
  • Enter a proper account name that will display on your phone. Hit “Done” when everything is ready and save your changes.

Over 4.5 million people rely on the My Telstra app to securely access and manage their Telstra accounts and services. Sign in with a Telstra ID or create one after downloading the app to get the most up-to-date information on your Telstra Mail, Telstra Plus points, bills, and payments when you want them, shop the latest accessories and products and get support when you need it, all in one location.

We hope this article helped you how to download and set up BigPond email on your phone. For more queries and solutions, do not hesitate to ring our tech support teamas they will solve your problems in no time!

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