How to Delete Emails from Telstra Webmail

Telstra is one of the most common telecommunication companies in Australia. It provides a plethora of services starting from voice calls, internet access to television access. It also offers a mailbox to its users so that users can send and receive emails and be connected to the outside world. People use this email to subscribe to other services and open other accounts with this email address. As a result, all the emails from those services come and get stored in the BigPond webmail inbox. Now imagine, you have an urgent requirement to search an email which you sent to someone or maybe you received from someone a few years before. How hectic the task would become when you would have to search that particular email among thousands of emails that are no more relevant to you? Certainly, you would feel irritated and frustrated. That’s the reason you should always take out some time every day from your schedule and delete the emails from your BigPond webmail inbox that are not relevant to you. Not only this, there are other reasons too.

Why is it important to delete emails from your BigPond Webmail?

Below are few reasons why should you delete irrelevant emails from your BigPond webmail.

  1. Easy to search. When you delete emails regularly, it becomes easy for you to search a particular email since the sample space gets reduced.
  2. Emails take up a lot of space which eventually loads the servers. Even though you don’t have to pay, it is a good practice to delete emails on a regular basis.
  3. Getting rid of spam. Since you would have subscribed to so many other services using your Telstra email, there are high chances of companies spamming your webmail.

Now you know how deleting emails regularly makes a lot of things easy for you. So let us take a look at how to delete emails from your mailbox.

Deleting email from your Telstra webmail

  1. Mark the emails that you want to delete by clicking on the checkbox beside them.
  2. Click on the delete email icon. The icon looks similar to a dustbin.

After this, selected emails will be moved to the Trash folder. If you wish to remove them from the trash folder also, then navigate to the trash folder and click on the option which says ‘Empty Trash’. On clicking this icon, all your emails in the trash folder will be permanently deleted.

If you are deleting bulk emails, login to your account and choose the option to display 200 emails per page and then you could mark and delete 200 emails. You would also find an option there to delete the copy of the emails from the server. You can select that option as well if you wish to.

So now you know the importance of deleting irrelevant emails and the ways by which you can delete emails from your BigPond webmail. If anytime, you wish to recover them, you could move to the trash folder in your email, mark the emails that you wish to recover, then click on more option, click move to and then select the folder where you wish to move the selected emails. The selected emails will be recovered to that particular folder. Call Bigpond Helpline Phone Number for solution.

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