How to change Bigpond email settings through the control panel mail option

Email service has loads of history in which it has always been the best part for the user providing with its service to communicate with people around them. It is one of the best most used and trusted software for delivering and receiving messages. The process of delivering the message can be done instantly by just pressing Send button. Plus, if users select and go with using a genuine email client software then there are loads of advantages added to exploring email service. We suggest the best and most genuine email client software called Bigpond mail. It is the only email client software that has the best infrastructure and functionality in which users will be able to experience the best available on the email client. We sure will be able to locate another email client on the web which also may suggest their specialty but in terms of the durability of the service, there is a very less number of email client which is as reliable as the Bigpond email service. The email service comes in with a free version and paid version of the email service. Users can easily create an account on the email client by heading to the official site and after exploring the service if the required user can transfer their account from the free version or paid version with extra features and functionality. To learn more about the Bigpond email service, users can connect with Bigpond Support Service.

We mentioned Bigpond being a reliable email service provider and the user will find out about it themselves after creating an account on the email client. To add more about the email client, we also want to state that Bigpond email also has a friendly environment in which making changes on the account is quite straightforward. We often find users getting confused while making changes to their email accounts. Due to this reason, certain errors and bugs do appear and the email client will not be able to be operated. With Bigpond email users will not have to face any such situation, the email client is built in such a way that the navigation is designed quite straightforward. In every process, the user can hover over the system and learn about what it supports and works for. And if in any case user gets stuck with operating Bigpond email or has confusion with making changes on their account then kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

The support service is always available for users and can be used for free. An expert will always be out there to take users’ phone calls and provide suitable information about Bigpond’s email. We will be now looking at a process through which users will be able to change their Bigpond email settings through control panel mail options.

Changing your setting

Incoming mail server

  • Server address –
  • 995 – Port
  • SSL/TLS – Encryption

Outgoing mail server

  • Server address –
  • 465 – Port
  • SSL/TLS – Encryption
  • Verification process.

If there are other questions for Bigpond’s email, then kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Support.

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