Bigpond Subscribe folder Issue in Outlook

If someone has a question about Bigpond, what is it, and how it can benefit users then this is the right place to get all the answers for Bigpond. Well, basically Bigpond is a service where email exchange can be done in a much more effective manner and the service is provided by Telstra Communication company which is situated in Australia. It has been many years since the service was started offered for users and to date, users have loved the service provided by Bigpond email. Before launching the email client also Bigpond has one motto or one aim and that was to provide genuine and authentic email service to the user. Once a user creates an account on Bigpond email there will not be anything that the user will not be able to miss with an email client. Every necessary feature and functionality is provided with Bigpond email. It is suggested to the user to take a look at the email service before getting started with Bigpond email, with the following step user will easily be able to access the service without any problem. To get answers for Bigpond email users can kindly connect with Bigpond Technical Support.

With time many changes have been made to the email client so that users can experience the best service. Bigpond email service comes in with the service where now the user will be able to add their Outlook email account. Normally such a thing is not possible as one email is Bigpond and the other is Outlook. Well now things have changed, the user will be able to use such a feature where both of the email clients can be accessed through a common point. The following feature was introduced for users’ effectiveness, we do understand that users do acquire loads of email accounts, and managing all of the accounts separately would not be possible and we don’t even have that much time to manage the email accounts. To make it easier the following service was introduced, now user can easily configure their Outlook email account on Bigpond email. If the user is not aware of the process and requires support to make a change in their account, then kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support Service.

That was some feature for the email client that will be very helpful for users, and most of the users have also already made changes. And among them after connecting the account, some of the users had issues, the issue seen was a user-facing error while accessing the Bigpond Subscribe Folder issue in Outlook. If users have faced such an error with their email client then it may be caused due to faulty settings added to the email client. Check on the given steps to correctly make changes.

  • Set account type to POP.
  • Then incoming server to
  • The port number should be 995/993
  • Add the SMTP server address as

After making the changes the issue will be solved. If there is any other such situation with Bigpond email then kindly connect with Bigpond Helpline Number.

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