How do I retrieve a deleted email from Telstra webmail?

If you have a question in mind about which might be the best email service client? The only answer is Telstra mail, the email service was genuinely started to give users with best email service. When we create an account for Bigpond mail, users will not have to worry about any sort of issues or security. The email service encrypts all of the emails securely, only users will have access to their email. As for hackers, there is no such case where the system could be penetrated.For new users, this sort of information could be new and not understood. In beginning, it may sound confusing and new but after using the email service for sometime users will get used to it. If users want support for such cases then Customer Support is always open for providing users information.

After getting a basic idea about what Bigpond is, let’s get into configuring a new email account for the user. This is the front line for every email user, without creating the account users will not be able to send or receive emails. The process is simple, users will have to head to the official Telstra webpage and click on Sign up. In sign up, users will have to provide their detail where email address and password will be created. These credentials will be required for creating an account for Bigpond mail. The email address can be shared with others but users should never share their password with other users. Learn everything about how to get started with Bigpond mail, you will have to simple contact to Support Service.

Let’s talk about some of the best features offered by Telstra mail. Once the email is deleted there was no such way to get back the email in the older version. But now Telstra has brought a feature where users can easily retrieve their deleted email. The process is very simple, users will only require to know about the feature and some information about it. Then users can restore their deleted email anytime they want. As a note users must be aware that the deleted emails will be available for a limited amount of time in the Bin folder. Check out the steps to restore deleted emails.

The process to retrieve deleted email

  • Sign-in into your Telstra mail account
  • Look at your account and locate Trash.
  • Select all the necessary emails thatthe user wants to retrieve.
  • Click on more and select Move to
  • Then finally select Inbox. The deleted emails will be restored.

With these easy steps, users can easily restore their important deleted emails. If users require extra help for Bigpond mail, our Bigpond Customer Support service is always available to users. Simple contact to the service and an expert will handle your case.

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