How can I block spam on my Telstra email?

The process used by email is a very simple and effective way ofcommunicating with people around the world. If a user has access tothe internet, email service can be accessed from any part of the globe. And when we want to use email services it is very important to select a genuine email client. There is numerous email client service available, but these email clients are not effective and have less security feature. Choose Telstra mail, it has all the necessary features which are required to be in an email client.The application is built in such a way where users will not have to train themselves to use Bigpond mail. The navigationis easy, the process for sending email is pretty straightforward. So, what are you waiting for, give us a call at Support Service and get started with Telstra mail?

Using email service can sometimes be very hard, there are issues and problems which might pop out on your screen. Users can keep in mind that all of the issues that occurred in Bigpond mail are due to some changes in the system either made by the user or due to some change. There is numerous example which we will share which occurs while using Bigpond mail service. Users forgetting their password, the email client does no responding, users are not able to send or receive emails, server settings have been changed. There are many more cases where users would require support. Telstra comes with the best Technical Support service where users can keep their queries and solve the problem instantly.

Now using Telstra mail can sometimes be hard for users, hard because there are some issues which user may not have any idea about how to solve it. There was a similar case sometime ago where a user got into a situation where the user was not sure how to block their spam mail on Telstra mail. These spam mails should be blocked and Telstra has the feature to use the feature. If other users are also not able to block their spam emails follow the instructions given below.

  • First, open your Telstra mail.
  • Signin to your email account by entering the email address and password.
  • On the top side of the screen click on Settings.
  • Navigate Mail on the left side menu.
  • From the Sub menu user will have to click on Blocked Senders.
  • Then a screen pop-up will have occurred where users can add the email address which they wish to block.
  • Then click on add.

After completing the process users will be successfully able to block spam emails in their email account. If users are not able to follow the process or if any sort of issue pops out while following the process, kindly give us a call at Bigpond Customer Care., experts will solve the problem for the user.

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