Has Telstra’s Password Database Been Hacked?

If you are searching for the best email client on the web then the first answer which will pop out is the Bigpond mail, well there are other email services too but after creating an account and using Bigpond mail users will not prefer other email services. As we know email is the most standard form for communicating with other clients, and due to which it is still being used all over the world. Bigpond is actually an email service provider which is handled by Telstra Communication group which are operating from Australia. The company has a good reputation and has better knowledge about how the email client should be developed. The main reason for Telstra to start email service is to provide the best service for users. Now with the new version of Bigpond users can use email services more efficiently. There areseveral things which can be useful for users about Bigpond, to learn about all the exciting things about the email client we would like to suggest about Customer Care Number.

Now let’s learn how to get started with Bigpond mail, the first basic step is to open your browser and load Bigpond mail’s official website. The step is easy, then the webpage will be loaded, now scroll and check the page and learn about Bigpond mail. After that user will have to click on the Signup link to create a new account. A form will be given to the user where all the necessary details should be filled in. Make sure to fill all the empty fields and radio buttons.And after the user receives the verification code, simply add the code and the account will be activated. Next, the user can again open the official webpage for Bigpond mail, click on Sign in and enter the email and password which has been created. If there are any questions for creating an email account for Bigpond give us a ring at Technical Support.

Those were the instructions for how a user can create their first email account for Bigpond mail. As we mentioned if there are problems or questions for Bigpond mail users can simply connect with Service Center to access help for the email client. There could be issues and problems which users may not be familiar with. If the problem is not solved then the account will not function. There was a case where Telstra’s password database was hacked. Follow the steps to recover the account

  • Open Bigpond mail official website.
  • Then the user will have to head to the Sign-in page.
  • User will have to click on Forgot Password? link.
  • In the new age enter the email address.
  • Next, a confirmation code will be sent
  • Enter the code and with a new link,the user will be able to create a new password.

Connect with Bigpond Support Service for further help on Bigpond mail.

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