VPN in blocking BigPond email incoming in outlook

BigPond, an Australian internet service provider, is among the best in the country. Their email access is available to subscribers. For official communication, both the public and business sectors use BigPond’s email services as it can be accessed via a web browser as well as mobile and desktop PC.

If we think about only professional lives, our all records, documents, conversations, etc. everything is done through emails. People have different lifestyles and want their official and personal conversations and emails, everything on their mobile phones.Since millions and millions of people use BigPond email as their primary email application from day to day, they might face some problems as well. One such problem is not being able to receive incoming BigPond in outlook when they’re using a VPN.

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted Internet connection that connects a device to a certain server domestic or international. The encrypted connection aids in the safe transmission of sensitive data. It stops sensitive personal information from being stolen or eavesdropped on the traffic and enables the user to operate their work remotely. VPN technology is frequently utilized in corporate settings.

Are you unable to send or receive emails while using a VPN? When you connect to a VPN server, your email client may be unable to send or receive emails. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The email client’s ports are being blocked by the VPN provider to which you are connected (SMTP).
  • Your email service is restricting access to datacenter IP addresses.
  • Your email service only allows access from residential IP addresses.
  • Your email service only allows IP addresses from its own country to connect.
  • Your email provider only allows access to specific Internet Service Providers.

Please note that the VPN will only cause issues in the BigPond email application and not in the webmail version. So if you’re browsing the internet using a VPN, be sure to use the webmail version of BigPond by clicking here.

When using a VPN, email providers frequently restrict access because the IP address used to send the emails is different from the one previously used. Try and check with your email provider to see if any options can be changed (2-factor authentication, safe application settings, etc.) to allow Outlook to send/receive emails regardless of the IP address of your device.Also, it will not work if your VPN is connected to a server outside of Australia. In general, we would not recommend using your Bigpond email through an email application while connected to a VPN. If you must use a VPN to access your email, use the webmail version instead.

If you have any more queries or if the same problem persists, do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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