Bigpond Webmail – What is EAS Synchronization?

EAS Synchronization can be defined as a Microsoft licensed technology that provides the users to synchronize the emails, contacts as well as notes to the mobile platform. Telstra mail currently does not support this technology, but it follows open standards offerings to emails, calendar as well as contacts for the synchronization. We can take the examples like IMAP and CalDAV protocols.

The accounts that are synchronized can be used in different platforms or multiple devices like desktop, laptop, tablets, iOS devices and android devices. And there is always a requirement for the synchronization in any inbox, sent file and any trash or deleted file as well as temp mail folders and others too like contacts and calendars.

To know more about it, we would like to discuss and list all the connection methods that are used as well as their prior purpose and their values as mentioned below.

POP: The abbreviation of POP is Post Office Protocol. This is considered as one of the oldest methods, which seems ok in terms of use in a single device. And the main thing is that it does not require any kind of synchronization.

Outlook mail connector: It enables the user to use their accounts on living within outlook for various reasons, and those are mention below.

  • To read or send office or windows live mails or messages.
  • To maintain contacts in windows live mail.
  • To block trash email by using the advanced blocking option.
  • To maintain more than two email accounts in a particular place.
  • To maintain as well as synchronize various calendars that include shared calendars too.
  • The outlook connector that is basically free for Microsoft users is available for different versions of Microsoft office.

Bigpond mail: If the users have a new or old account of Bigpond mail, they can see that the EAS is not connected. While trying to setup their accounts with EAS, Microsoft Office will pop up an error message that says the username or password is not working or does not match. This error is basically caused due to the robotic system or algorithms that help to create and manage a new account. This robot cannot push as well as create through the security aspect that is required on the Microsoft outlook server. To solve this issue, users have to configure the security manually for the outlook server. The packages that include email in Microsoft windows 8 and 8.1 don’t work with POP, so it requires a setup with IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync.

Here is all the information that users can know about what EAS synchronization is. And if there is furthermore to know about, then please contact Bigpond Phone Number.

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