How do I set up my BigPond webmail on Outlook 2019?

Email is a significant technique for business correspondence that is quick, modest, available and handily recreated. Utilizing email can significantly profit organizations as it gives proficient and viable approaches to communicate a wide range of electronic information. It is free, and once you are on the web, there could be no further cost that you need to spend to send and get messages. It is snappy on the grounds that whenever you have wrapped up making a message, sending it is just about as basic as clicking a catch. In the event that an email framework is coordinated into the organization, it is sent, conveyed and perused very quickly. It is straightforward and simple to utilize.

Microsoft Outlook is a restrictive email and errand the board application that is accessible with most forms of Microsoft Office. A large number of individuals use Microsoft Outlook, yet very few truly utilize its highlights. The plenitude of catches and tabs can put a few groups off; it can appear to be befuddling and muddled. Be that as it may, it’s very splendid; the vast majority simply aren’t utilizing it successfully. Gone are the times of dividing out the entirety of your messages into isolated organizers, so you have no expectation of discovering them once more. The inquiry includes in Outlook has improved an extraordinary arrangement and can help you track down any substance dependent on a couple of words. The steps to set up your Telstra email on Microsoft Outlook 2019 is described and listed down step by step as follows:

  • At first, open Microsoft Outlook 2019 in your system.
  • From the left-hand side, select the option info and click on the account settings.
  • Choose new in the account menu and click the option for email.
  • Here, configure the settings according to your server and click next.
  • While choosing an email service, confirm the Internet email is a checkmark.
  • Now, enter your username that is to be shown in user outgoing mails and also enter the email address provided by Telstra, which is to be set up.
  • You need to update the server information accordingly.
  • Enter your Login details on the screen. Type your email address and password on the displayed window to set up your Telstra email account.
  • At last, your Telstra email account must be set up in your Outlook 2019.

Some users may get confused while setting up their Telstra email on Outlook because there are different steps for every version. So, they can use the above step-by-step description to set up their account on Microsoft Outlook 2019. In case any user is unable to set up their account, our Bigpond Customer Care Number is available to assist with any customer issues.

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