Bigpond Spam filter Blocking Genuine Email

The users must remember that there could be several reasons if their Bigpond emails are bouncing back when using the outlook app. To troubleshoot and resolve the issues here we mentioned some steps to be followed:

  1. The users must double check and confirm while entering the recipients email address. A small mistake or errors can results in bounce back.
  2. The users have to confirm that their Bigpond email account is not blocked or suspended by the system. To check notifications and alerts the users are required to login their Bigpond email account through a web browsers.
  3. If the mailbox is full the users are unable to receive or send new emails. To resolve this kind of issues the users are required to check their email account storage limits and delete unnecessary emails. The users can also move the unnecessary emails to an archive to free some space.
  4. If the internet connection is not stable then it will results issues with sending emails. The users must make sure that their internet connection is working in good conditions and stable.
  5. The users are required to set up their Outlook configuration properly with the correct SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings for the Bigpond. The correct configuration for Outgoing server, port and correct settings can be found in the official site of Bigpond or connect to Bigpond customer care for more relative information.
  6. Sometimes the antivirus software or firewall will block the outgoing email connection. In this kind of situation the users have to temporarily disable their antivirus software or firewall and try to send email again. The users are required to adjust the settings to allow the outlook app to connect if the issue is resolved.
  7. Sometimes the problem may occur within the recipients email account. To resolve this kind of issues the recipients must check their IT administrator to see if there are being blocked.
  8. The users must remember if they receive any kind of error message while their email are bounced back then the error message will provide specific details about the cause of issues.

These steps mentioned above will help the users to resolve the issue if Bigpond emails are bouncing back when using the outlook app. Sometimes the steps mentioned above may not work in that case the users have to connect to Bigpond Customer Support. One of the representatives of Bigpond will give specific information and assist based on the issues that the users are facing.

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