Bigpond Incoming Mail Going to Archive Instead Inbox

If the consumer’s Bigpond incoming mail is going to archive instead of the inbox there may be few reasons for this issue. Here we mention some of the helpful steps which will help the consumers to troubleshoot and resolve the problems:

1)      The consumers have to disable the filters or rules setup that automatically archive the incoming emails. The consumers are required to check their email settings to review any filters or rules if they have been created and make sure that they are not causing any issue.

2)      Check the inbox settings if the incoming emails are directed to the inbox or not. In case if the incoming emails are not directed to the inbox then it might be moved to archive. The consumers have to check for any specific settings which are related to the handling of incoming mail or get in touch with Bigpond customer care for accurate information.

3)      Sometimes the email can be directly moved to a spam or junk folder. In this type of situation the consumers have to mark them as not spam to move the emails back to the inbox folder.

4)      The consumers are required to check and confirm that the sender’s email addresses are not mistakenly marked as block senders. Remember to mark as safe for the important sender’s email address.

5)      If the forwarding email rule is set up then it might be directing messages to the archive. The consumers have to disable this rule set up to avoid this kind of situation.

6)      The consumers have to check their storage space whether it has reached its storage limits or not. If the storage is full then the consumer’s email will be directed to the archive. To resolve the issue delete unnecessary messages or move to other folder to free some space.  

7)      Sometimes there could be issues with the email server. The consumers have to wait till the email server works in good condition and check it.

8)      The email clients (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) are required to be up to date. Outdated email clients could result issues in compatibility.

9)      The consumer should scan their computer with antivirus software to make sure that the system is not compromised or causing the issue.

By these following steps the consumers are able to resolve Bigpond incoming mail going to archive instead of inbox issues. If the issue still persists then consider getting in touch with Bigpond Customer Care. They will provide sufficient details and guidance to resolve each and every issue regarding Bigpond.

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