Bigpond Email Outlook Setup taking Gmail Server Setting

We as a user would always prefer to use the best application, an application where a user would not have to worry about the security, a user must not connect with support for operating the application. There are numbers of email client service out in the web which may promise for the best features but is not able to provide such service. Well with Bigpond users will not have to worry about any of these things. The email client is developed by a very well-known telecommunication company based in Australia. The main service of Bigpond/Telstra is to provide fast broadband connection and in addition, have added email service to provide the best email service for users. Communication is a very essential medium of our daily life, Bigpond helps to connect with people around us. There are many things that users can learn about Bigpond before getting started, the service is free where users can get genuine information from the Bigpond Support Service.

Now since we have learned about the basic details about Bigpond mail, we will be providing users with some of the features and systems embedded in Bigpond mail. Users may have noticed that Bigpond comes with numerous features. One of the most used features is connecting the user’s other email account to Bigpond mail. It is a service where user can operate their multiple email accounts from a common source, users will not have to open each email client to check their mail and the feature also helps to keep the account safe. Since multiple accounts are connected, penetrating such an account is not easy. If users want to learn the multiple accounts connect feature in detail then kindly reach out to Customer Care.

In the following section, we will be looking at the process for setting an Outlook account with Gmail settings in Bigpond mail. Outlook is another genuine email client software that we all admire. And in the updated version, Bigpond has made an agreement to add an Outlook account in Bigpond. The list of steps necessary to make changes with the setup is given in the points below.

  • Users will have to load their Outlook account first. Make sure the email client is updated to the latest version.
  • Then the user will have to click on the info tab where the Account setting will be visible.
  • Click on account setting, select New on the email tab
  • Next comes the auto account setup tab, user can either manually add their server settings or the system will make changes.
  • After setting the server settings, user information will be asked by the system.
  • Enter the login credential as asked by the system.
  • Then the system will check for validation and the setup will be completed.

If there are any additional questions for Bigpond mail, users can take help from Bigpond Technical Support.

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