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Bigpond is an Australian telecommunication company powered by Telstra. Bigpond offers various kinds of services such as ADSL, wireless internet, cable internet, email services, phone services, and mobile services. Sometimes the customers might face issues regarding the services provided by Bigpond. In that case the customers have to take help from Bigpond customer Support. Here we mention some useful tips to connect to Bigpond customer support:

  1. Phone support: The customer can dial directly to the Bigpond customer support where one of the representatives of Bigpond will diagnose the issues and give the customer a good advice to encounter the issues. The number of the service may vary according to the location of the customers and the type of service that the customer prefers. 
  2. Live chat: Live chat is one of the best platforms to get connected with Bigpond customer support for instant assistance. In live chat one of the qualified representatives of Bigpond will assist the customers by addressing their queries or issues and resolving it. The customers can get the live chat services 24/7.
  3. Visit a Telstra store: Sometimes there might be chances of misunderstanding the issues so it’s better to get assist person to person. To get person to person assistance the customers have to visit the nearest Telstra store which can be found on the Telstra website. In the Telstra store the customer will be guided by the qualified technicians of Bigpond.
  4. Email support: The customers can address their issues through email where one of the representatives of Bigpond will check the issues and pass useful information to the customers.
  5. Check account online: The customers have to log in to their Telstra account online. Sometimes many of the issues are resolved through online portals. The customers can get plenty of useful information while log in to their Telstra account.
  6. Social media: Through the social media channels of Bigpond, they provide information such as updates and assistance to the customers. The customers have to follow the official Social media account of Bigpond. Bigpond are in every social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

The customers have to remember that the contact option can be changed over time. So checking out with the official website would be very helpful. The customers have many options to mention their issues to the Bigpond via phone, live chat, and email or by directly getting in touch with Bigpond Customer Support.

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