Windows mail app Bigpond settings coming outdated

Bigpond email service is one of those email services which is known for its genuine nature and best performance. There is only a few such email client software which is actually best for the user and provide the best service. And Bigpond is one of those with the best email service for the user. Being the best email client software, it comes in with the best infrastructure, the front-end design is clean and simple and users will not have to worry about getting confused with the interface. With its easy design, the user will be able to easily navigate the system and make changes to the user’s account. Apart from that, the email system comes in with security which will keep all files and data secure. All of the emails which are stored in the email account will be scanned, and only if the email is clear then will be stored in the inbox. Bigpond also has the feature in which the system will detect spam emails which are often experienced by users. Such spam email could disrupt the account and might cause a great loss for users. With Bigpond, email users will not have to worry about such situations too. Learn more about Bigpond email with the help of the Bigpond Helpline Number.

The process for getting started with Bigpond email begins with creating an account on the application. It can easily be done by filling out the form on the signup page. Then users will be able to sign in to their account and start using the email client software. With that, the basic procedure for the Bigpond email will have proceeded. With that email, the service will be active, now that is not just the thing that is included in the Bigpond email service, there are many interesting other features that can be used with the Bigpond email service. At the time of using the Bigpond email service as a user, we should always be prepared for issues and errors. If such a situation is faced by the user, then the user will not be able to access the Bigpond email service. Bigpond has many interesting features, we just mentioned that in the earlier text, user can connect their Bigpond email account on Windows ­­­mail app. But there was some issue with the feature and users were having a problem with connecting the account. If the user wants to gain more information about the email client and its features, then kindly reach out to Bigpond Support Service Number.

Now we will be checking on the steps how to fix the error in which the Windows mail app is showing outdated settings when connecting with Bigpond email.  Before starting the process, the user will have to make sure their Windows app is updated to the latest version.

  • Users will have to click on the Windows icon and open Settings. open Settings.
  • Then head to Accounts and open Connection Settings.
  • Click on Windows Hello Pin
  • Remove the pin option.
  • Then the user will simply have to add the Microsoft account password and click ok.

After completing the process the outdated settings will be fixed. For more kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support Number.

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