What to do Telstra Mail Email is de-activated?

Email service is elemental to access any type of internet facilities and this is a primary reason why more and more people are looking for professional email services. Even though it is an old and classic mode of online communication it still holds value among those who are communicating for business and other serious purposes. This is because email accounts provide a much higher level of privacy and security than any other online communication mode. Hence, you can rest assured that your data and conversations will be well protected all the time. One such mail account is the Telstra or Bigpond email. Feature packed and easy to use- this email service is particularly relied on by Mac users for its high security. It is very easy to sync and store all your data on these email id. However, many users often complain about the account being deactivated without their knowledge. If you are facing this specific trouble, you must address it at the earliest. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • When there is any suspicious attempt of login into the account, for security purposes the account can get locked or deactivated and can only be opened when you approve it through your synced smart devices.
  • A very common cause is deactivation by, mistake which often happens to new users. Many users while exploring the various features of the software end up clicking random and wrong tabs and deactivating the account.
  • Users who had the old bigpond email account, find it a little difficult to switch to the Telstra mail. Often due to some mistake in syncing, the transition between the mail addresses get disrupted and as a result, the mail id is deactivated.

The following steps will help you to reverse the de-activation trouble:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is sign into the Telstra 24×7 my account. This is where you will be able to find solution to all kinds of trouble.
  • Here you will find the contact us button. Click it.
  • A list of problems and there relevant solution will be shown to you and you can easily find this issue among the ones which are listed.
  • If you are having trouble with following the instructions manually or need a faster solution, you need to scroll down at the end of the page where you will find an option for other queries or miscellaneous.
  • Click on this option and choose to call the customer care. The Telstra Customer Care Number is available round the clock and once you explain the experts about the trouble that you are facing, you can solve the trouble very quickly.

For getting solutions to such mail issues on the go, the Telstra customer care number is the best solution that you have. The users of the email account can avail help through the number from any part of the world and the experts will promptly solve the trouble in the minimum time possible. This way your account will be rendered usable again.

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