Telstra Business Domain Email going to Spam

Telstra mail which was known as the Bigpond mail in the earlier version is a genuine email client which allows us to transfer mail in an instant. The software was designed for using email services, with its simple and easy interface the working with Telstra features is quite easy. There are loads of email clients available on the web we all know that, but not all of them are reliable as Telstra mail. When compared Telstra mail is more accurate and user-friendly. We understand how much it is important for users to make simple and effective software.With Telstra, users will not have to look for support to get started. With easy navigation, users can operate and send emails from Telstra within no time. But if users are looking to learn about the features and configuring their mail account, Support Service is available for users with free service.

With that Telstra has the best email features offered than another email client. To talk about a certain feature offered by Telstra, users can connect their other email account to Telstra mail. If someone said this thing before some years no one would believe it as it was not a possible case to use multiple email clients from a commonplace. But now Telstra has made it possible and can save up to 15 email clients to their Telstra mail. The feature sure helps for working effectively where the user will not have to open different email clients to check their email. Interested users can get more knowledge in working with Telstra mail service, the only thing user has to do is ring us at Technical Support.

We must be aware that whenever we are working with email client software, issues and problems are a normal part of it. These situations can be caused anytime, and the reason behind it is due to users making some change to their account or system. There was a case before sometime where a user’s business email was sent directly to spam. Due to this reason users first thought that the email was not even received to his/her account. Then after looking all around the account, the user came to know that all of the mail was directed to the spam folder. Due to this reason users were not able to freely access their email. In the following content, we will be looking at the reason for such an incident to take place. In the list provided below users will be able to learn why their email was sent to spam mail.

  • If there is any link attached to the email which may be malicious or a threat to the system then the security feature of Telstra will automatically send such mail to the Spam folder.
  • The next reason for such an incident is due to the user have installed email marketing software on their device.

      For more on Telstra,users can take support from Telstra Customer Care.

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