Steps to update Bigpond IMAP settings in mail washer pro

Email is something that comes in handy for every type of work, user can easily access email services for their personal use or for bigger purposes even for users who are running a business. Loads of options are out there for users to access the email service but choosing the right one is very necessary. It’s because the user will save all of their necessary emails and files on the following email client so it is very necessary for users to select a genuine email client service. Users who need to often reset their password can now easily update their password with the help of a new system where the user will just have to tap and with that verification user will be able to add a new password. There are several other things that can be found on Bigpond email, interested users can connect with Bigpond Support Service to collect additional information.

We were discussing the various feature which is available for use on Bigpond email. Those mentioned features were the part of internal Bigpond service, well there is more. Users can also connect to the IMAP server and link with other email client services. There are various such servers to which user can add their email credentials such as IMAP, and POP3. If the user is not sure about these terms, well IMAP is a server where the user can access email from any device. Whenever a user opens or reads the email, it will not be downloaded to the device or other things but the user will be accessing it from the email service. Well for POP, it works by contacting users’ email service and downloading the emails stored on the user’s email account. Users can access the server services according to their needs. To learn more in detail kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

Now that we have learned about what IMAP servers do, now we will be checking on the process for how to access such service and will provide the user with steps to update Bigpond IMAP settings in Washer Pro mail. With that users will successfully be able to connect their Bigpond email to Washer Pro mail.

  • On the email setting user will have to change their IMAP incoming mail server to
  • Make sure the Port number is entered correctly.
  • It must be set to 993, which will require SSL.
  • Next add it to 143, non-secure.

Wirth that user will be able to update the IMAP settings for connecting Bigpond mail to Washer pro mail. For more kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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