Steps to Block All Emails Sent from One Domain in Bigpond Mail?

Email service is the most accessed communication medium on the web these days, all of the necessary work can be easily done with the help of an email. We as a user can compose an email adding various things, as for earlier times users were only allowed to send text messages. That part has been updated, now user can easily add attachment, images, and docs to the email and sent it to another user. First, the files should be uploaded into the composed email then the user will be able to send them. Users must make sure not to upload any infected files on the email client, it will not accept such files as they could be transferred to other users and their devices could also get infected. Learn more on Bigpond email with the help of Customer Service.

Since so many new things have been added to the Bigpond email service, working with email has been very easy. In the previous versions if the user had to send the send message to multiple users then the process should be done by composing a new email for every individual user. But now with the email forwarding feature user can easily transfer the same email to multiple users. Not just that but the user will also be able to create a separate group of users who may be working in a circle or working on college assignments and can create a group and share information. It is a very handy email client service that always has something new for users. Another useful feature of Bigpond email is creating a folder, we do know saving all emails in the same place is troublesome. Bigpond email users can easily create separate passwords and save emails according to their requirements. Learn more on Bigpond email with the help of the Support Service Number.

There will always be some users who are not required on the account but will keep emailing users. To avoid such users, Bigpond allows its email account used to block the contact. Let’s check on how we can block away all the emails which are sent from a common email domain.

  • Head to Telstra mail and login into your account
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Once the account is opened, the user will have to click on Settings on the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on Mail which is located on the left-hand side.
  • Next Select Blocked Senders from the Sub Menu.
  • Click on Add and enter the domain that which user wants to block.

For more information, users can connect with Bigpond Technical Support.

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