Reason Behind Bigpond Email Suspended

There are basically four main reasons for your Telstra account being suspended. We will be discussing those four reasons behind suspending accounts and their proper solution as follows.

Delay in Payment

If the users have not paid their remaining dues, then the account will be suspended. The emails users already have on their accounts are not being deleted, but the users are not able to view any of them. If there is any new email coming from other users, then the email will be retracted back to the sender.

In order to solve this issue and re-activate the accounts, the users don’t have any other option rather than just to pay the dues. After paying the bill, the account will be activated after 24 hours of payment time. The users can pay the bill through different online payment options.

 Account hacked or compromised

If the account of any user is unable to login with their login credentials and the account is identified for sending spam emails to other users. The account will get suspended as it seems like the account has been hacked or compromised by a hacker.

To resolve this issue, a user must contact the customer support center in order to re-activate the account. After getting your account back, the password must be changed to avoid future suspended account issues. To change the password, follow the instruction given below.

  • After re-activating your account, login to your account with your credentials.
  • Now on the dashboard, click on profile option at the top right section of page.
  • Click on manage mailboxes that occur on the left-hand menu. (besides the mailbox option)
  • Now you need to select the correct email address and then click on manage mailboxes that will redirect you to the next page.
  • On this page, click on the Change password option.
  • Enter your old password and your new password on the field.
  • Now click on save in order to change the password.

No longer a customer of Telstra

If the customer chooses to end the subscription of Telstra mail and closes their account, then the account will be suspended and would not be able to receive or send emails. The technical team might delete the email account after 30 days of closing the account.

If the customers want to keep their Telstra email account, then they can simply contact the Bigpond Customer Support Number to keep the account while closing the account.

In conclusion, to avoid the issue related to email suspension, the users must pay on time, keep credentials safe and open accounts from time to time. If there is more to know, then just call the customer support of Telstra.

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