How to Reset Telstra Mail Password

Telstra mail is the inclusive email service that is designed to cater to both personal and business needs by Telstra Corporation Limited. As being one of the popular telecommunications as well as technology company, Telstra email service has smooth integration and user-friendly interface which allows the Telstra mail users to access even they are not-tech-savvy.   It also offers generous storage capacity, advanced security features, personalized or multiple email addresses, cross platform compatibly and much more. 

To use the services and features of Telstra mail, you must have a Telstra mail account. As we mention earlier that you can create multiple email addresses in Telstra mail but sometimes there may be chances to forget the password. In such situation, only the thing you can do is reset the Telstra mail password. To reset the Telstra mail password, you have two methods. The two methods are outlined below:

Online Method:

  • First, you have to launch the web browser and type Telstra login page on the URL address.
  • Click on the link of the website that says “Telstra Mail”. After that a page will appear where you enter the Telstra email address and click on “Continue” tab.
  • Now, you have to click on the “Recover Account” which is located just below the password field.
  • You may be required to complete a CAPTCHA or other security verification that you are not a bot.
  • After that Telstra will send a password reset link to your recovery email address. Open the email and click on the link to reset the password.
  • In next step, you have to follow the instructions mentioned on the reset page to create a new password. Make sure it meets the Telstra password security requirements. You have to re-enter the password for the confirmation
  • Finally, you can use the new password to log in to your Telstra Mail account.

Using My Telstra App:

  • First you have to launch the My Telstra app on your mobile devices.
  • After that go to the settings or account management section.
  • You have to navigate and click on the “Forgot Password” link.
  • You have to follow the on screen informations in the app to reset the password.
  • Now you will receive a resent link on your recovery email address.
  • Click on the reset link and follow the information to create a new password. Re-enter the password to confirm it. Ensure to meet the Telstra password requirement.
  • After the password is successfully created. Now you can use the new password for your Telstra Mail account.

These two provided methods will help to reset your Telstra Mail account. If you can’t reset the password by using these methods, contact Telstra Mail Customer Support for alternate ways to reset the password. 

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