How To Remove Email Forwarding in Bigpond?

Bigpond is one of the trusted internet communication service providers. Thousands of people in Australia are using the BigPond Email service. This is because BigPond offers an easy and quick way to send emails. Besides, it also offers some amazing and useful features, and one such feature is email forwarding. This feature lets you easily route your emails to third-party email exchange platforms. Besides, email forwarding can lower the risk of missing vital emails from your clients. It is straightforward to set up and use. 

However, this feature has some disadvantages. For example, you can’t send emails from a forwarded address when enabled. What’s more? You may also face issues in email synchronization on multiple devices. Sometimes, it can allow hackers and spammers to see your email ID. So, if you are not using it, it is advisable to turn off this function. But how to do it? Don’t panic; follow these steps to complete it within a few seconds.

Disabling Email Forwarding

To disable or remove the email forwarding feature in your BigPond Mail service, you can try these steps:

  • First, you must log into your Bigpond account through the Telstra Webmail website. 
  • Now while in the Inbox, you need to click on the Manage Your Account option. You can also click on the cog symbol or the Settings option. 
  • Once done, choose the Mail option and then click on Auto-Forward. 
  • Now click on the Enable Auto-forward box to untick it. This will turn off the auto-forward feature. 
  • Now click on the Save icon to save the current configuration.

Bigpond may take a few hours or a day to turn such features on or off. It is advisable to wait for at least 24 hours to see the changes in your account. You can follow these steps if you want to turn this feature on. After all, the auto-forwarding feature can make it simple and seamless to use BigPond email, and you can simultaneously send emails to a group of people. However, ensuring that your forwarded emails can only be accessed by authorized persons and that all the emails are protected is crucial. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid email forwarding loops.

Need Help with This?

If you still need help, you can always count on the Bigpond support team. Inform them about the issues you are dealing with, and the professional team will assist you with easy-to-follow guidance. You need to contact them, and after that, it will be the customer support team’s responsibility to resolve the issues. You can easily reach them through the toll-free number or email. So, stop wasting your time and contact the Bigpond Technical Support team for the best solutions. 

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