How to Add Recovery Method in Bigpond Account?

An email has always been the best medium for users to easily transfer and received messages on the web. No one would trust any other online software on the web to communicate. Well when there is such a reliable service on the web for users, why choose any other medium? Bigpond email has all the necessary features and functionalities for the user. To access the service or get started with it, the user will have to first create an account on the Bigpond email. The process is quite simple, open the browser and load Telstra’s official site. Their user will have to open the sign-in link and click on Telstra Webmail. To create a new password user will have to click on Register Now. If users require additional instructions for creating their email account then kindly connect with Customer Support Service.

Once the process for creating an account will be complete users will be able to access their account by heading to the sign-in page for Telstra. That was the basic part of getting started with the service. Now email services have become more powerful and secure, there are various ways by which user can secure their account. In the earlier version user were only able to save their password and there was no other process to secure the account. Now user can connect their other email account to the current Bigpond email and use it as a recovery email. By following the process user will also be able to reset the password with very few steps. If this information is new to users then kindly connect with Technical Support Service.

As we mentioned about adding a secondary email account on Bigpond email, here we will be providing the necessary steps to make changes to the user’s account.

  • Head to the official site of Telstra and login into your email account.
  • Provide login credentials to access the account.
  • Once the user opens their account, head to the My Account section, where the user will have to locate and click on Manage Profile.
  • In the following section, click on the Security tab.
  • There under the tab user will be able to find Add Recovery Method. Click on the following option.
  • Their user will be asked to enter a recovery email address or phone number. Users can add both details for better security. After adding the detail click on Save.
  • A verification code will be sent to the user’s account, open it and enter the code.

Once the process is complete the recovery method will be added to the user’s Bigpond email account. For more kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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