How Import contact by CSV in Bigpond Mail?

In the context of email service or Bigpond Mail, the term CSV stands for “Comma Separated Values”. A CSV file is a plain text that is a convenient process to manage and transfer tabular data which includes information of contact in different software applications including services like Bigpond. To import contact by CSV in Bigpond mail the users have to follow the steps listed below:

  • The file for CSV must be correctly formatted with the proper contact information that the users want to export. The CSV file offers columns for different field names, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Firstly the users have to use their preferred web browser and go to the Bigpond Mail website.
  • After logging into the Bigpond email account, navigate for the contacts, Address book, or similar option. It is a place where the users can manage their contacts.
  • In the contacts or Address to import contacts book the users have to check for that option. It will be labeled as “Import”, “Import Contacts”, “Import from CSV” or something similar.
  • The users have to follow the necessary prompts to select the CSV file from their computer that they want to import. Navigate the file that users prepared earlier and select it.
  • Relying on the interface, the users are required to map the fields from their CSV file to the corresponding fields in their Mail address book of Bigpond. It will ensure that the data is imported correctly.
  • Once the users have selected the CSV file and mapped the fields, they are required to initiate the import process. Any additional information or prompts provided by Bigpond Mail should be followed.
  • Once the import process is done, the users are required to review their contact to be sure that they are imported correctly. Review for any missing information or errors.
  • Once it’s imported the users are able to organize and manage their contacts within the Bigpond Mail interface. To stay organized the users have to create groups or categories.

The steps instructed above will help the users to import contact by CSV in bigpond mail. Sometimes the updates or changes to the interface can trigger issues within the Bigpond system. In such circumstances call directly to Bigpond customer care for an alternate method to import contact by CSV in Bigpond mail.

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