How do I Update my Bigpond Email Settings?

Bigpond webmail is a place where we all users have the power to transfer and receive messages throughout the globe. Communication is a medium that we will always require and with the help of communication we have been able to achieve many new inventions. As we mentioned Bigpond, is an email client software that was specifically designed to make users’ email experience better. It is often seen that users are having an issue with their email account and even after applying some solution the problem won’t get fixed. There will be no such case with Bigpond email, firstly there is no such major issue that has occurred in Bigpond mail. If users do experience some changes then those are minor issues, such issues can be solved with easy steps. If users are new to Bigpond email and want to learn more about the email software then connect with Support Service. 

We want to make one thing clear to users; Bigpond is an email service provider which has services available for all kinds of users. For the single-user, there is a separate package and for business or corporate users, there are certain packages arranged. Users can pick a package according to their needs. As users can see how Bigpond is flexible and reliable for users. The Australian telecommunication companies’ main goal here is to give the best for users so that users will not have to face any difficulties. Email is simple software but if issues show up then the definition can be altered. In case, if users find themselves in a situation where they can’t work on Bigpond or are confused with some issues then, we come with official Bigpond Customer Care, where experts will monitor your quires and provide a solution. 

After getting started with Bigpond email, users will be able to operate and use the entire email account as the users want. All of the features are accessible, users can check on the various sections to look at how to use the features. Recently we received a request from one of our users who is looking to update Bigpond email settings. To make changes follow the given points below.

Email settings for Bigpond Webmail.

  • In the Incoming Server, add IMAP. Change the server to to port 993.
  • Then the user will have to change their Security to SSL/TLS
  • In the username, section users will have to add their email address.
  • Then enter your password.
  • Now for the Outgoing server, set it to SMTP. 
  • The server should be changed to to port 465.
  • Next comes the security which should be set to SSL/TLS.
  • Now the user will have to add their username and password.

After making changes user can save the settings. Then the new email settings will be added. If there is any confusion regarding the given steps then connect with Bigpond Technical Support

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