Difference Between Bigpond Account and Telstra Account

Bigpond email service when we hear the term, the user may have a clear concept that it is an email client service and it is not just some ordinary email software but a service that is leading in the industry. Bigpond email service was initiated a long time ago, and the only motive which was carried throughout the period was to provide genuine and reliable service to the user. Email is something that was designed to instantly send and receive emails, and Bigpond has made that process even better by adding a new feature to the email client. When we check on the email client there are loads of interesting services allocated to access for users, user may have trouble with handling their multiple accounts. It is hassle and time-consuming for users to open the email client separately on the browser or application. It would look great having so many accounts but when it comes to managing them, the email holder will have loads of problems. Well, now that problem is also not much of an issue. With the Bigpond, the email service user can easily connect their other email account to Bigpond email. With that users can access all of their email clients from a commonplace. Time and space can be easily managed; the user can connect with Bigpond Support Service to learn how to make changes to their account.

We just talked about a very useful and effective feature available to use in Bigpond email. Like such, there are many other features that will help users to better access the email service. Next, we will be talking about the online storage facility, well users must be struck by the term online storage. The only place where we used to store the data is the hard drive. Apart from a hard drive users don’t store their data elsewhere. Now with Bigpond email users will be able to store their email data on the online storage which is provided by the Bigpond email service. Every user who creates an account on the email client will be provided with a certain storage space. Online storage is a very safe place to store the data as the emails are scanned and also in necessary times users can easily access the data stored in the storage. If the user has any query for Bigpond email and its feature then kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

Now in the following section, we will be talking about a case in which many of the users often get confused, and the topic is Bigpond email vs the Telstra email. Most users do think that these are two separate email service providers, well that is completely a false detail about the service. Both Bigpond and Telstra reside from the same source. Telstra is a telecommunication that runs Bigpond email. In the older version it was known as Bigpond email for now the company has decided to keep its main domain name for the service. Also, all of the Bigpond emails are transferred to Telstra as the old user will be able to use the service as before. For more on Bigpond kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Care Service.

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