Bigpond Unable to Receive Outlook Email

Bigpond is a term that is used for operating email services. Bigpond is an email service provider which is operated by Telstra Corporation. Users can hear both the terms for describing the email service, so if users get into confusion then the following information will help users to understand it better. The email service was started later and was named Bigpond Webmail. In the following email service, we can find and use all the necessary features. There are several services that can help to make the user’s experience more convenient. If users are new to Bigpond then not to worry. The telecommunication company provides with best Customer Service support where all necessary details about Bigpond are provided to users.

After getting a brief introduction about Bigpond mail, let’s head forward to learning more about the email service. Well, email is basically used to deliver and receive emails from one user to another. With Bigpond mail, users can compose their email and send it to other users instantly. Bigpond allows users to add attachments such as images, videos, links in the email. Keep in mind that the email has a certain space where the attachment could be added. If users want to learn about Bigpond in detail then give us a ring at Support Service, the expert will explain every necessary detail.

Now as we have seen there isa various feature offered by Bigpond mail, and while using these services, there are cases where the system might get caught with issues. There was a problem with Bigpond mail some time ago where users were not able to receive Outlook emails on the Bigpond account. There is also a feature where user can configure their various other email accounts into Bigpond mail. Outlook which is a repudiated email client has the allowed feature to configure Bigpond mail.In such a situation users can follow the given steps to solve the problem and receive the emails back on Outlook email. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • The first thing to check is the internet connection.
  • Then move on to server settings, if the connection or port is not set to the correct order then the emails will not be received.
  • If the sent emails are infected or contain harmful files, then the emails will not be received.
  • If the user is running out of storage on their email account, then emails will not be received.
  • If the email address is not entered correctly.

After going through the given steps users can figure out what the problem is and then receive the remaining email stored in your Inbox. If there are any other questions for Bigpond’s email, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at Technical Support.The expert out here will thoroughly check on the situation and provide a genuine solution to users.

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