Bigpond Sync Problem After Visiting Out of Australia

Even though Bigpond offers best-in-class and faster email services, sometimes, users face some issues. And the most common one is the “Bigpond is not Synchronizing” problem. If you are using Bigpond mail service for your business and emails are not synchronizing properly, then it can greatly affect your customer service quality. That is where you can take the help of the Bigpond customer support team. Their tech experts can help your business resolve the issue instantly. However, there are certain techniques/methods using which you can try to fix the Bigpond sync problem yourself after visiting out of Australia. Let’s take a look at them.

Reasons Behind Bigpond Mail Synchronization Issue

This issue can occur due to various reasons. These include high traffic, maintenance, technical glitch or network problem. In certain cases, when the Bigpond emails are not synchronizing and the website of the host is not loading properly, it implies the host has an outage. This can be a temporary disruption or outage.

Solutions To Resolve Bigpond Sync Issue

  • Make Sure Auto Sync Is Active

Most email clients have auto sync enabled by default so that the users can get emails instantly. If you are dealing with a synchronization issue, then check if the auto-sync setting is turned on or not. You can find this option in the Settings menu. If the issue still persists, feel free to contact the customer support team.

  • Check For POP or IMPA Settings

Your Bigpond email account may be configured to POP- Post Office Protocol instead of IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol. To make sure your Bigpond emails synchronize properly, ensure that all the devices are configured to IMAP. Once you are done with changing the setting, refresh the Bigpond mail account.

Some Other Tips To Consider

  • User should update the mail app. The older version may not have auto-sync functionality.
  • If users have changed the connection settings, then synchronization will function based on the changes done.
  • Try by resting the Telstra SMTP or IMAP setting.
  • Prefer to have a look at the firewall or the antivirus. They may also block the mail.

There is no doubt that the Bigpond email service is one of the best and most secure methods to exchange emails. You can use this service using different devices. However, if you are facing a sync issue, don’t panic and try out these solutions. Besides, you can also call their Bigpond Customer Support team to get instant solutions. Get in touch with them and resolve any issue using their step-by-step process.

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