Bigpond Sever Rejected by Thunderbird

Email is something that is very necessary in today’s world. If we take a look at any field, when the email is introduced it makes the work much easier. An email has the ability to manage and keep the decorum of the workplace or any other institution. And when it comes to Bigpond email then we have loads to take from the email client software. The leading telecommunication Telstra officially launched the email service so that users can take full advantage of the service. The email transaction is fast and secure, the user will not have to wait for their email to be transferred nor will the user have to worry about harmful files when loading any inbox emails. All of the emails are scanned and only then the software will allow the user to access the email. There is a limitation to how much data the system will scan for viruses, if the size of the email exceeds the limitation then the scanning process will not proceed further. There are many such important things which users must be aware of, if you are in need of support then kindly give us a ring at Customer Care Number.

After looking at some interesting features and systems offered by Bigpond email now it is time to check on some of the situationswhere the user might get stuck with using the Bigpond email service. There are always situations that might be hard for the user,but it is not necessary to take that situation seriously. With proper and correct steps, every other problem can be solved. Now looking at some cases, what should the user do if they want to recover their Bigpond email account.In such a case user will have to head to the official site of and open the sign-in page. Then the user will have to click on Forget password link by which a new page will be loaded. All of the necessary details will be provided on what the user will have to perform. Complete the process and a new Bigpond email password can be created. If the user has confusion understating the steps and requires additional support then connect with Technical Support.

Bigpond email is a bigger platform where the service can be used to extend the functionality. Nowadays using a single account from a mail client is a very simple task to do, nowadays multiple email accounts can be connected on a common point and can be accessed. Bigpond also introduces the feature where the accounts can be linked to Mozilla Thunderbird. Now in the process of making a connection, users were having an issue that the server was not correctly connected. Try the given configuration and check if the connection was successful.

Incoming Server Setting

POP server set it to, and then the security server should require a secure connection as SSL encryption on port 995.

For more on Bigpond email kindly reach out to Bigpond Support Service.

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