Bigpond Rejecting incoming Mail as Spam

The process of instantly sending a message from one device to another is commonly known as the email service. Even if there are other media which is used for sending messages over the web, email is something that will always stay at the top and there are several reasons for such case. And to mention a particular email client software, Bigpond email service is one of the most used email client services, the service which is provided to the user is reliable. Users can easily navigate through the system without any confusion. It is often experienced that users do tend to find it confusing to access email services due to its user interface. Bigpond comes with the simple and interactive design of the email service where making changes and using the system is quite simple and users are surely going to enjoy the service. The email client comes in with a wide range of facilities for Windows, Android, and Mac users. The software can be easily used on the given platform and also user can connect their account to each other platforms. These are some minor information about Bigpond email, there is more to add about the email client. Users can learn about the features and system with the help of Bigpond Support Service Number.

Using the Bigpond email service is a wise decision made by the user, and such a user must also be aware that when using an email service, errors and problems are the basic part of using the service. Bigpond also does get into a situation where the user will have to make changes to their email account. We also mentioned that due to the efficient nature of the Bigpond use interface making changes is pretty simple and easy. Talking about some problems in Bigpond email service. there was a case where Bigpond was rejecting the incoming mail as spam. In such a situation users will not be able to find any emails in their inbox. If users are aware of the situation, then it could be checked on the Spam folder but being a user no one would think about such a case. There is nothing to worry about the situation, for a scenario such as this Bigpond email has initiated the service to provide support for users. The representative at the support will assist with all necessary processes, the only thing which the user will have to do is connect with Customer Service.

Let’s now check on the reason and way to solve the problem where the emails are being rejected and sent to the Spam folder. In this kind of situation, the user can keep in mind that such a case does occur if some change has been made in the system. These changes could be made by the user knowingly or also it could have caused due to some changes in the system.

Steps to stop avoiding emails being rejected as Spam.

  • Users will have to avoid using words that refer to Phishing phrases.
  • It should be a complaint with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • It is suggested for the user to set up a whitelist.
  • It’s best to only include text in the user’s email.

For more on Bigpond email users can get 24*7 Support from the Bigpond Technical Support.

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