Bigpond Email Sync Issue in Outlook

While Bigpond is a reliable and secure platform, there are certain circumstances where a Bigpond email account can be suspended. Many reasons exist why Bigpond emails can be suspended due to negligence or spamming activity by users. The main thing is that it doesn’t matter how long ago your account was reported by people for spam or how many warnings were given before suspension notices were issued; once the suspension notices are issued, access is limited until further notice. Here are some common reasons for Bigpond email suspension:


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#1. Misuse of the email account:

If an account is found to be involved in activities such as spamming, phishing, or distributing malicious content, it can be suspended. In addition, sending large volumes of unsolicited emails or using the email account for illegal purposes can also result in suspension.

#2. Violation of terms of service:

Every email service provider has a set of terms of service that users must agree to before creating an account. These terms outline the acceptable use of the service and outline any prohibited activities. If a user violates these terms, their account can be suspended.

#3. Inactivity:

If a Bigpond email account is not used for an extended period, it may be suspended. It is done to free up resources and ensure that only active accounts are using the service. If an account is suspended due to inactivity, the user can usually reactivate it by logging in and using it again.

#4. Payment issues:

If a user has a paid Bigpond email account and fails to make the required payments, their account may be suspended. It could be due to a missed payment or a problem with the payment method. In such cases, the user will need to resolve the payment issue to reactivate the account. Call Bigpond Customer Support Number.

#5. Security concerns:

Bigpond takes the security of its users seriously and may suspend an account if it detects suspicious activity. In such cases, the user will need to reset their password and secure their account before people can reactivate it.

#6. Technical issues:

Sometimes, Bigpond email accounts may be suspended by people due to technical issues on the platform. For example, it could be server maintenance or other technical problems. In such cases, the suspension will usually be temporary, and people will reactivate the account once the issue has been resolved.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why a Bigpond email account may be suspended. These include misuse of the account, violation of terms of service, inactivity, payment issues, security concerns, and technical issues. Therefore, users must familiarize themselves with the terms of service and follow best practices to ensure that their account remains active and secure.

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