Bigpond Email Disappears in Outlook After Months

Email service has come a long way since it was first developed, if we talk about the previous version of email service, there were very less features and functionalities whereas now things have changed a lot. As we knew there were only a few other email client services available on the web but now there are many useful and powerful email clients available for use. Among the best email client available on the web, Bigpond email has a maximum number of users accessing its service on a daily basis. Users will not have to worry about the usability of their device, it can be easily accessed on a different kind of operating system. To start setting up a user’s email account, head to the official site of Telstra and by clicking on the Sign in link users will be able to create their Bigpond email password. In any case, if users have confusion with the email client or have any questions then kindly connect with Bigpond Support Service.

As email service has evolved over the years, many new features have been added to Bigpond email. Now the user will be able to connect their Bigpond email to another email client such as Outlook email. It is a feature that is brought to provide flexible service for users. Once a user connects their account to Outlook email, the user will be able to easily organize and make changes to the emails from a common point. Users will receive emails on a common account. The process for connecting the account is quite simple, if users are looking forward to making changes to their account and don’t know the process, contact Bigpond Technical Support. The expert will provide with necessary instruction.

Now the user is well aware of the connection of another email client such as Outlook to Bigpond email, many users made the changes. After completing the process and accessing the feature for some time there was a situation where the user was not able to access Bigpond email on Outlook after a month. We will be provided with the steps to solve the mentioned problem.

  • In most cases, the email might be saved in another folder of the account. Kindly check all of the folders to locate the email.
  • Users will have to check for Inbox rules which might be affecting to cause such sort of issue.
  • It is also suggested for users to check on the email forwarding option if it is enabled or not.

If the problem is still not fixed then kindly report the situation to Bigpond Customer Support where the user will be assisted by an expert.

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