Bigpond Email Configuration issue in Mail Washer App

One of the users had a question that is there an email client software that can be used by a single user and the same email can be used for corporate-level use. Well, the answer is Bigpond email,the simple term for Bigpond is enough for answering the question. Bigpond email is a place where the email service can be used for multiple types of users. And it will not matter which package the user has taken or which section the email is being used. The quality of service is the same for all the user types, there may be questions about the quality of corporate level and single device user. Users can check without any doubt and as a result, you will come to a conclusion that Bigpond is equal in every level we use it. It is also the reason that there are millions of users operating the Bigpond service due to its genuine nature. If users have any questions for Bigpond’s email then kindly reach out to Technical Support.

Now the user must have a general idea about what Bigpond email service is, but that is not all there are even more about Bigpond email. We just talked about the quality of the email client software, we haven’t come to the part of learning the feature offered by Bigpond email. In the following section, we will be talking about the feature which we can use while operating the Bigpond email service. Users may have learned about cloud storage, where we can store our information online. Bigpond email provides the service where users can transfer the files or higher size to be shared or sent to other users’ accounts. The process can be done by sharing the access point in the user’s device or sending a link through which the user can download the content. The process is very simple to follow, connect with our Customer Care where all the steps will be provided.

Many things have been changed in email service through these years, changed in a sense where users can now operate Bigpond email in a more profound manner. Now users can also connect their mail washer app to the Bigpond email account. By the feature, users will not have a problem accessing both email clients, when Bigpond has the functionality for accessing both from one common point. Some users were having a problem with the connection, check on the given points to make changes.

  • Set the account type to IMAP and head to incoming server details.
  • Change the URL to to port 993 and encrypt the SSL connection.
  • Then comes Outgoing server details.
  • Change the URL to to port 465 or recommended 587.
  • Make sure to turn on the SMTP authentication and the encrypted connection to SSL/TLS.

After making the changes the connection will be established successfully.  For more on Bigpond kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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