How to Update the Mobile Number in 2-step Verification in the Bigpond Account?

Bigpond email service now brings the latest and most advanced email service for users. We don’t usually find such an email client which is as reliable as Bigpond email service. Users can check on the official site about the email client where the user will find millions of users accessing the Bigpond email service and are pretty satisfied with the service. Well, that’s not it, the feature on the email client is not just limited, with time users we are always provided with something new to add to their email client. Users can check on the latest feature on the email client where user can simply reset their accounts password with a tap on their cell phone. Earlier when the feature was not brought forward to users, there used to be a long process for changing the password, but now the user will not have to go through that. To learn more about what other features are added to Bigpond’s email kindly reach out to the Support Service Number.

Now to go more into detail about the feature on Bigpond email, we just mentioned the process for signing in and resetting the password with a tap on the user’s phone. Well, there are other benefits too with the attached feature, with adding the phone number to the account, the user will be able to enable two-factor authentication. It is a feature where the account security can be tightened, with the following feature user will not have to be worried about the security of their account. To sign in to the account, or while resetting the password user will have to verify through the phone and another connected email device. Only then the user will be able to sign in or make other changes to the account. With that user will also be able to add the contact details to Bigpond email and a phone will not be required every time to access the contact details. If there are other questions for Bigpond email then kindly connect with Technical Support Service.

As we were mentioning about the two-factor verification feature for users to secure their devices. Many users have accessed the service and are pretty much happy with it. Now users don’t have to be worried about the state of their email accounts. But there could be a situation where the user might need to change the added number on the account. There could be several reasons for changing the number. So we have mentioned the process to update the number for two-factor authentication.

  • Head to the signup page for the Bigpond email.
  • Add the user’s login credentials and open the user’s account.
  • Click on settings and head to the password section.
  • Their user will be able to find the contact details section.
  • Click on it, to access it the user will have to add their account password.
  • After that user can easily update the phone number.

To learn more about Bigpond email users can connect with Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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