How to Set Up Bigpond Email in the iPhone Mail App?

Email service is not something that was released sometime before, it is a system which is brought a long time back, and since then it has been the best and most convenient communication medium for users. Several options are available on the web for communication but a genuine user will only access email service. Email is safe, secure, and easily accessible, even a user who has just started to use a computer device can easily learn the way of using email service. There is various communication medium on the web, same goes for email client too, and among them, the best email client service available is the Bigpond email service. It is a service that is provided by Telstra corporation also a leading telecommunication company providing ISP service and others based in Australia. If the user requires any support for Bigpond email service then kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

With time there have been many changes in the email client service. Before the email service was limited to sending only text messages, and that was also possible when the other user was online. If not then the user would not be able to connect, but now things have changed, and added a new feature where the user can send an email any time to other users and it will be saved on their account. Whenever a user logs in to their account, the received emails can be accessed. Such later the email service was made available on various operating systems. With that Android, Apple users were also able to access the email service. The process is simple to have access to Bigpond email on these devices, simply head to the application store and search for the email service, download it, and after its installed user will be able to access the service. If the user has any questions about Bigpond email then don’t hesitate to give us a ring at the Support Service Number.

Downloading the application from the store is one option by which users can access the email service, but there are other features made available too for users. User can connect their Bigpond email to their iPhone mail app. If the user is not sure about the process of how to connect their account and access all necessary emails from a commonplace then kindly follow the given steps.

  • Users will have to open their Settings.
  • Next tap on Accounts and passwords
  • There under Accounts user will have to tap on, Add account
  • Then tap “Other” and “Add Mail Account”
  • The user will have to provide a full email address
  • Also with their email password.
  • Then the user will have to set up their IMAP server and complete the process.

After the process is completed, Bigpond will be configured on the user’s iPhone. To learn more about Bigpond email users can connect with Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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